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WEB development and Programming language

ARMS’s projects currently account for PHP, Ruby and JAVA project. but for one thing, professional engineers never have particular language and use anything. However, they have own preference on Framework. and programming language and framework have various kinds of aspects. So that, we are trying something new because we know it’s beneficial.

Open Source Software DEVELOPMENT

ARMS carry out Open Source Software (OSS) development that is built with outstanding functions and techniques. At ARMS, developer get through discussion and customization fro [F-Revo], [Magento] and getting greater engineer with profound view.

Our using Operation System is Linux

At ARMS, develper use linux OS instead of others. nowadays, due to development of cloud, the border between application engineers and server one is getting ambiguous. so that, we believe it going to be advantage. The fact that our beginners get used to it with this environment, we can say its great environment to grow engineers up.

Employees are「treasures」

What is the most important thing for engineers? ARMS believes its techniques but its actually not enough. Freelancer can build techniques, however, working environment provide a lot of precious opportunity through various hardships. and it leads them to be higher class engineers equivalent to world class one.
ARMS’s treasure is people. environment grow up people, ARMS can provide the environment.

arms Message

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Sho Matsushita
Getting cross-cultural realization through the experience of social game developemnt for iPhone, server engineer, and project management in several countries, China, Singapore. nominated as CEO of ARMS (THAILAND) Co., Ltd. that was extablished in Mar 2014.
Engineering for engineers by an engineer.
I have a strong desire to create the best environment for engineers with strong will because I used to be an engineer. I keep saying to my members , “I can take responsibilities for development.” ARMS is where I make the best of my experience as an engineer. I hope many engineers would join us and enjoy developing.
Might be inappropriate for some people.
I believe Development is not just a job. thru trying, considering, and making an effort for better programming, engineers are going to be confident, so that, our working environment is not appropriate for people who don’t enjoy developing software.
ARMS prepares you best environment for software development, and we don’t cherish only skills but also individual and cultures, its called “ARMS’s culture” internally.
We have unique features.
ARMS is still young company, so it means that its still developing-organization phase, so that we can provide challenging environment. ARMS focus on Open source software development to build engineering skills for employees. Now, getting global age, Let’s have great opportunity as a multi-national company!! And we are planning to develop own software in Thailand as well. Now we are looking for passionate challengers !


Top of Thai Engineer: Khun PA
“Try Something New Everyday” is his motto. He has been working in IT field for many years. He loves building software, playing online game and taking a photo every time if he has a chance.
Why did you choose ARMS?
The short answer is “The company’s passions inspire me to build best software to people again”. Many years ago, I had a chance to work with one of my college who is very expert in open source software development which made me very impressed. We did plan to build our own software by using open source technology. However, my college decided to move to a very big IT firm. So my dream project has been canceled since then. Once I have a chance to meet people at ARMS, my dream project and all of my inspirations are back!!
How do you feel working at ARMS?
Frankly speaking, initially I though the company provides a chance to build great software which will make me feel very comfortable and enjoy working. However, it’s not only this chance that I get but also all engineers at ARMS are very friendly. Even we are international company which composed of many style of people and races, but we are one family.
What do you want to be in the future?
I would like to be a person who success in IT business and wanna be part of the company success. I would like to build useful software that people keeps using it in daily life. Finally, I would like to be a person who can inspired new generation of engineers who also love in this career success in theirs life too.


Mr. HN

Born in Saitama, Growing up in countryside environment in childhood, possessing outstanding emotion and adaptability. some say “he is a stranger.”

Mr. CO

Born in Thailand. Learnt about Information Technology at Thai-nichi University and joined ARMS in 2014. One of first members.

Miss. SA

Born in Myanmar. Learnt about Information Technology at Assumption University in Thailand, and joined ARMS in middle of 2014.

Why did you choose ARMS?
Because I feel so much of possibility from this company. honestly, one of reasons is that I’m tied up with routine working as a sales at big company but I have another inspiration to do something meaningful in here Thailand. and I found this company’s advertisement and when I passed interview, I made a decision immediately.
What is your scope?
Of course I have to be engaged in management and development, but for me, what the most important thing is to be proud of myself as a Japanese worker in Thailand. For one thing, we Japanese get higher income than others, then we have to work harder than them also.

What do you think of working environment?
To be honest, I can say working environment is quite comfortable but it’s very strict also as a venture company in local country. So that’s a bit controversial, but compared to previous boring job, I’m sure that ARMS provides beneficial environment for engineers.
What is your dream?
Dream seems that its never come true for me, so I want to call it “goal”. Actually, I have plenty of goals, so It’s quite difficult to share everything. Well, my goal as working for ARMS is to grow company with all employees and get a chance to have examine institution for techniques development and I will be the master of it. and I want to master guitar and make Bangkok rock city.

Why did you choose ARMS?
I choose ARMS because target’s this company is interesting for me, I want to join Japanese’s style company, and I think ARMS can help me to improve myself, skill and experience.
What is your scope?
My scope is develop and modify web application, support team to work and if have a free time I read news about technology and learn about new technical programming.
What do you think of working environment?
I think this is good environment people in company is friendly and I enjoy working in this place and I get along well with people because if I have a problem my team can help and support me to working.
What is your dream?
I want to grow up experience and improve myself and skill, and I want to grow up position and I want to see this company to big company in Thailand.

Why did you choose ARMS?
The reason why I want to be part of ARMS just because of long term future where I can improve my development skills and also fulfill all my dreams. So I chose to work in reputed company like yours!
What is your scope?
We are developing open source applications such as (CRM, E-Commerce, Project management) by using PHP MVC . And also have a plan to create our own application in near future. Our main scope is connecting our creative and latest technology with the customer focus business. Growing together!

What do you think of working environment?
AMRS creates a culture of teamwork with mutual trust and transparency. Understanding each other’s cultures, challenges and different perspectives are the key points for our working environments. We build amazing, reliable, memorable and strongly (ARMS) good work relationships among the team. Sharing is caring.
What is your dream?
My contribution is my dream – My plan is to continue working on my programming skills. Then I will keep going in researching and contributing to my SaaS project in Cloud computing and semantic web technology.


New Graduate Person

You will be web developer

Hi there, if you are reading this message that means your are ready to start your working journey right? What about open source software? Have you ever heard about it before? It’s good if you already gained some experience, but no worry if it’s still new to you guys. You just love coding, like creating cool software to people…
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Web Developer / Web Programmer Analyst

It’s no doubt that you are a real IT people who falls in love in building great software. Coding or developing a great software is one of your favorite and challenge jobs. To be good at this career it is not only be interested in it but also has to know how to build it in an effective way…
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Team Lead

System Analyst / Project Leader

A success organization composed of people who is strong in his or her career and understand how to build good software in 360 degree. ARMS believes that with good computer skill and how to organize and manage work are crucial factors for the company. It’s no doubt that if you are reaching to this point…
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